Q and A

** How is it that you can hear messages and that I cannot ?  I have been trying forever to do so ?    I am lucky.  I have a great sense of ‘hearing’ , ‘seeing’ and ‘sensing’ certain details.  I compare it to tuning a large radio … Sometimes, all you hear is static.  Often, a voice or an image comes through.

** What kind of dreams do you have ?  Do you always have prophetic ones ?  Headed off to sleep and visiting Dreamland has always, for as long as I can remember, been my favourite time of day.  I am just like you and LOVE my sleep and silly dreams.  I get those often – just as you do :  funny things, things that worry me or that annoy me will come through silly adventures.  I also get prophetic dreams, where I will see details of certain situations occur a few hours or a few days before.  I usually get those for myself or for my immediate family.  Finally, I’ll have the visits from individuals who are now in Spirit World, and who have messages to transmit to individuals still on the Earth plain.

** What is your percentage of being right ?  This question amuses me .  As I do this for fun, I always warn the people for whom I do readings or for whom I share messages from Spirit World that I do not take myself seriously – and that neither should they.  If I happen to be precise in the information – I always say: BONUS !

** Do you need to be asleep to get your messages ?  Where and when do you best hear messages ?  I do not have to be asleep to receive messages.  Often, I’ll receive them during the day and will postpone sharing them until a later convenient time.  I do, after all, have professional and personal obligations .  🙂  I best hear my messages when I am in a quiet area – and most often while sitting in my ‘Paris-themed’ room.

** Have you studied this ‘science?’  I don’t think that one can ‘study’ to be able to have this Gift, however, I do believe that you can hone your skills if you choose to do so.  I have been to many workshops and have had the chance to meet Brian Weiss and  Doreen Virtue , and to participate in their workshops.  I am also a Reiki Master and have successfully been practicing the art of balancing chakras for many years.  I hold my Doctoral Diploma  in  Applied Metaphysics and  specialized in past lives  experiences .

What does a ‘reading’ consist of when I meet with you ? When we meet, we get to know each other and I ‘listen’ to what my Guides wish for me to transmit to you. I can also ‘sense’ your energy centres and ‘see’ what needs to be addressed – in a physical or spiritual way. Many times, messages from friends or loved ones in Spirit World transcend however – I never promise to be able to ‘hear’ those. Sometimes, it is meant to be – others – not. ( at least in my experience ). I often use cards as a way to begin the discussion and you are given the sheets on which I write when we are speaking. Always remember to not base your Life on what is being said : I prefer to look at it as a way to gain more insight on where we are at in this particular moment in time of our earthly Journeys.

** How do I place my name on the ‘list’ to get a reading ?  I live in another country, is this possible ?   I have set up a Facebook page which shares the same name as the blog :  Postcards from the Soul.  I ask that individuals LIKE the page and verify updates as I post on it when I am doing readings.  I then wait to see what names appear and what messages I receive in accordance to these names.  Because distance is not a problem when on-line, I am able to connect with people across the World and to share insights received. Please check under the page REQUEST AN IN-PERSON READING.