About Me

Since I have been a young girl, I have always loved making predictions and watch them come to pass.  When I turned 29 years old , I realized that it was truly a gift that I continue to explore , for fun.  I have been reading people and sharing messages ever since.

As a Reiki Master, I believe in the importance of having positive energy.  I try to reflect this principle in all of my encounters – living and in Spirit world. I am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and of the Institut International de Métaphysique Appliquée.

I hold a Honours Bachelor in Music from the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor or Education from Laurentian University.I  self-published my first book a few months ago. I am also an avid writer and music composer.

I recently completed my Doctorate in Applied Metaphysics . I am now working on my book titled:  The Maynard Journals – which explore past lives and shares messages from the Universe in a fictional format.

Along with my husband, I own a small boutique called Intercity Home Accents.  My wonderful cousin Josée manages all of its aspects as I rarely get the time to get there.

Enjoy the journey.

One Response to About Me

  1. Louise says:

    I have similar gifts as yours, as I have been told.. I have an English major and A degree in teaching as well….

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