On Finding your Soul Space

My Dad has it right. He’s had it right all of his life actually … and he’s passed on the message ….
Growing up, he told me that inside of myself, there was a place where no one could go. A soul space, if you will. In there, no one can reach you. Disturb you. Join you even, unless you allow them to do so. He explained to me that inside his room, he painted. Listened to music. Sat in silence and contemplated Life, thanking the Universe for all he had. It’s where he went to pray . To cry. To complain. All on his terms – and all in his own time. My father who is now almost 83 years old has had many challenges to overcome in his Life. Loss. Death. Health woes … as we all do, I suppose. Yet he allowed himself time to visit his secret space, hundreds of thousands of times – to recycle his energy and to find hope where all else seemed lost.
I’ve had a secret space all of my Life. I still visit it – dozens of times of day. As I often escape, I smile, if only for a few seconds , and there I am alone, yet often choose to be accompanied by a very few whom I allow to join me in my thoughts and my heart. I invite you to create such a space for yourself – a happy place – if you will – and visit it as often as you wish.
I’ve guided many people in creating their own soul space and if you haven’t done so yet, here is how you COULD start … there are no rules. This is your space. For YOUR moments. To facilitate things, I always suggest that you find THE moment of the year that made you smile the most, the one you want to immortalize forever in your own self. Perhaps you were with someone. Heard a song or a phrase which left you breathless. Happy. In love. At peace . You get the idea. That ahhhhhhhhh moment …. Then fill that room with that very feeling. Decorate it. Bring the persons whom you adore in there with you. Or be alone, with your own self. Sit back , smile and enjoy. Frequently. It’s that easy. That simple and yes, that effective.
As Christmas approaches, many will be celebrating and for some of us, it will be too much to handle. I plan to retreat to my soul space, to recuperate and remember why I love my Life. Why I am so blessed and how Life really is Good ….. Guests inside my soul space will be scarce, and yet, I will be filled with their presence, their kindness and their warmth. I will close my eyes. Breathe deeply. Smile and Love – for such is the power of my soul space.
May you find the calmness which your Heart and Soul can offer you within yourself.
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