Lessons From the A-Team …

In a world plagued with fear and negativity, we find ourselves looking for answers in the most unlikely places.  Many of us travel the World in the hopes of finding refuge and of perhaps changing our thought patterns , which, of course is very helpful in the short run, however, to truly change oneself we need to go within ourselves …. in our hearts and our spirits – in our true essence…  September 26th 2015

I am not claiming these words or ideas as my own – they just happened to pop into my consciousness as I was getting ready to write about a totally different subject. I’m rereading them – carefully.  I’m noticing how this can so be about me ( after all, it just came to ME – right ? ) I’m reflecting upon my Life at the moment and I can so make changes, simple ones, to go within myself and to make that small universal difference.

My father reminded me of this at the beginning of the week of what author John Masefield had said:  The days that make up happy , make us wise ….

I’m meditating on these words today … and you should too.  Go back to a day that really , intensely  touched you – a moment even – which made your heart and soul sing.  Focus on the feeling, the energy …. See how you shine and vibrate to that positive energy – then think about HOW you can recreate another moment, similar or different in nature – and bring it into this current day.

We’re all connected.  If someone hurts – we hurt.  If someone cries, we feel sadness.  What if we all smiled and tried to make a difference – what if we went to the beat of a different moment – a happy one – filled with hope and happiness … Imagine?  Start with yourself.  Change those thought patterns.  Get up .  Dress up and Show up.  Then look around in your immediate circles.  Live.  Laugh. Love.  If you have blogs – or pages on social media – fill it with happy pictures.  Deep thoughts.  Meaningful messages to change the vibration of yourself and of others.  One of my best soul friends always reminds me that words hold power.  Use them wisely …. When speaking to others, writing, thinking … words have POWER – and can change who you are and outcomes around you – why not make it the change that you want it to be around you ( Buddha said this himself … )…..

Have a most beautiful day ….

Live.  Laugh.  Love.

Note from Anne:  while at an event held in Toronto by John Edward last Wednesday, my Guides came out and asked to be referred as the A-Team … I smiled and said – all right.  ( I chose not to dispute this one … )  You’ll see this expression from now on …. and that’s what it refers to …. 🙂 

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