Walking through Dreamland ….

i had wandered all night through Dreamland –
tired – lost and confused – until
one of my guides found me and took my hand

he was the tall one – with the
long dark hair – silent, still and strong
who always appears when little me has lost
her way – and wonders what has gone wrong

he stopped time – and just waited for
me to calm down – and to listen –
he didn’t talk or move – just pointed at a door
which – i later learnt – had not yet been built

we walked through it and i examined my surroundings
recognizing many of the elements in it
for they were from my Life – but with a twist
and suddenly, I had come home –

i woke up with this idea still fresh in my head
and i smiled, as i remembered what had been said
and so, i’ll just wait and see
if what i dreamt is meant to be ….dreamland

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