On Saying Thank You

If you’re on social media these days, and you are, if you’re reading this, you probably have noticed the ‘gratitude’ movement going on, where people challenge others to find 3 good things in their Lives , for three days in a row , and then publicly acknowledge them. Afterwards, they nominate someone else and then move on. There are different types of this effort – whether it be for 3 , 6 or 100 days.

Today, I challenge YOU to be grateful – but not just for a short amount of time. Every day – for the rest of your Life.

When I was younger ( I am now 44 years old ) , I took a lot for granted. My home, food, my parents, my friends, my health etc …. Then my Journey in Life began and although I was happy at the time, I didn’t fully realize it. In my young married life, I discovered autism, struggling for sleep and money, different lifestyles and unemployment. I noticed that people were not always as open to ideas as I thought that they would be. Because times were tough, I became cynical. Bitter. Always defensive and very often, sad. I hid things inside, but my heart became heavier and I forgot how the Universe was there for me. Things became quiet, and the ride of my Life became more difficult , darker and certainly bland. I felt like the World was against me. I seldom said the words Thank You …

As a family, we stuck it out and we immersed out of many situations. We had held on and made it. As a person, I had to make a choice. As the quote reads, one day, I just decided that I would be happy. I made a complete change. Not physically, but inside of me. I decided that I would change myself. That I would help change the World around me. I never looked back.

Many years ago, during March Break, I read a book that instantly changed my Life. The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari found itself between my hands – and I devoured it. Examined it. Studied it. It became my textbook for Life. I read it over 5 times and applied all of its principles. It changed me as a human being. Life became easier, brighter and what it was supposed to be: wonderful and incredible – easier to navigate and magical in its essence. I made a resolution during that time which has stayed with me: I am forever grateful to everything, every day. I constantly say thank you , whether in person or silently to the Source. Thank you for my family. My health. My home. My friends. Thank you for Facebook which helps me connect to you, for the rain which watered my plants, and for a job that I truly love. Thank you for the difficult people in my Life, for they give me lessons which I could not otherwise find myself, and thank you for those who love me, no matter how difficult I sometimes become.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

As you become used to saying these words, your heart explodes. Your Life changes. Your circumstances alter themselves – without you doing a single thing. And then your heart and soul do something even greater: they become what they are meant to be : beacons of Love and Light. And when you realize this – you become the person that you are meant to be and spread it all around you.

So today, if you’re involved in a project laced with gratitude and positivity : Hats off. Keep going and share it with others. If you’ve forgotten how to say thank you to the Universe, do so again. get a journal and write in your daily instances of gratitude. Join a facebook group . Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. See ? That was easy …. and it will get easier every day as you constantly use those words.

It’s raining and pouring here but I am grateful. The plants needed water. I love the sound of rain – and the sweet smell it brings. I am also grateful that I will be spending quality time with my youngest son as we shop ( much to his dismay ) , for his school uniform. And I am grateful that you are reading this post and sharing it with others.

Have a great day !


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3 Responses to On Saying Thank You

  1. Kim Horn says:

    Hi Anne,
    I just came across your site and can relate to you in many ways. I thank you for your posts. Each one hits home for me but this one on gratitude has really spoken to me. This is something I try to do many times throughout the day and I am still working on remembering to do it, especially during those times of driving, waiting in line, etc. I am 43 years old today and I too am a late bloomer in the gratitude dept. I struggle daily with making the choice to be happy rather than waiting for circumstances to change for me. I would like to find the book you talked about and read it as well as I am always open to new ways of looking at things. Thank you for your insights and help on the journey. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. danielle says:

    Ty for this

  3. eyesofblue44 says:

    happy birthday – and remember – it’s never too late to begin a new journey …… enjoy every moment of it !

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